The Foundation

Saint Patrick’s High School Foundation Mission

To provide funding for student activities such as pastoral, sports, outings, science fair and other projects specified in the school’s educational project.

To provide financial assistance to students in need while at school and also award bursaries to encourage students in need to pursue post secondary studies.

To provide financial assistance to purchase services, equipment and supplies to improve the academic performance of the students and all of their complementary activities.

To provide financial assistance to students in need to help them pay for didactic materials or provide them with meals.

The St. Patrick’s High School Foundation exists (since 1993) to manage funds and investments that have been donated from alumni members and the parents of current students. The following information is provided to those who wish to know how these donations are administered and reinvested in the school.


Voluntary Donations from parents$7300.00
Scholarships & Bursaries$5909.00
Other Donations$1150.00
Voluntary Donations from parents$7300.00
Approved and Completed Projects (rounded numbers)
Equipment for the music department($3102.00)
Awards/Scholarships & Bursaries($4560.00)


Voluntary Donations from parents$7975.00
Scholarships & Bursaries$4800.00
Other Donations$1600.00
Approved and Completed Projects (rounded numbers)
Replacement of auditorium sound board($2000.00)
Purchase of equipment for the woodshop($5000.00)
Awards/Scholarships & Bursaries($6500.00)