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Interscholastic sports

Play your favourite sport wearing the green and white of St.Pat's!

St Pats High School Basketball
Basketball The official basketball season begins in November and ends in March. St. Pat’s usually has 8 teams. This can vary depending on the number of players in any given year: Sec 1 boys Sec 1 girls Sec 2 boys Sec 2 girls Sec 3 boys Sec 3 girls Sec 4-5 boys
Sec 4-5 girls
Sign-up is in the cafeteria during the month of September and try-outs in October. Practices are after school in the gym.
St Pats High School Football
Football The regular football season begins at the start of each school year and runs until the end of October. Boys and girls are welcome. St. Pat’s has 3 teams. Sec 1 bantam Sec 2-3 junior Sec 4-5 senior Sign-up is usually in the spring of the previous school year (for secondary 1 to 4).
St Pats High School Hockey
Hockey St. Patrick’s has 2 hockey teams outside of profile. Boys and girls are welcome (tryout required).
St Pats High School Rugby
Rugby The rugby season is from late April to June. There are both boy’s and girl’s teams, but how many differs from year to year based on the number of interested individuals. Senior girls Senior boys Sign-up is in the cafeteria during the month of March.


When you choose St.Pat's High School, you choose...

St Pats High School PROVINCIAL TOP 10 The CQSB has ranked in the top 3 public school boards in the province of Quebec. St. Pat’s, has been ranked among the top 10 public schools in the Quebec City region for several years.
St Pats High School SUCCESS RATE While the average success rate for the CQSB was a very commendable 86%, we are proud of our school’s 96% success rate for students.
St Pats High School FRENCH Over 70% of students at St. Pat’s are enrolled in French Mother Tongue, the same level of French taught in the French schools of the province. Our students may graduate with a high proficiency in both languages.
St Pats High School SPORTS CULTURE St. Pat’s has many successful sports teams in football, hockey, basketball, rugby and more. We are home to the “Fighting Irish”.
St Pats High School ARTS DEPARTMENT The arts are an integral component to life at St. Patrick’s whether it is visual art, drama or musical art. Develop your talent with like minded people
St Pats High School SCHOOL IDENTITY “We are the Irish” is our motto. Year after year students identify school spirit as one of the aspects that they appreciate the most.