Parent/Teacher Interviews

Dear Parents,

  1. Our 1st term Parent-teacher night is on Thursday November 25th, from 4:30-7:30 PM
  2. Once again, we are using the online appointment system. Click Here

We HIGHLY recommend that you register and add your child(ren) before the system officially opens for appointments.

The system will open for appointments as of 6:00 AM, Monday, November 22nd and will remain open until Thursday, November 25th, 9:00AM.

If you are the parent of twins, the system will not permit you to schedule back to back meetings with any specific teacher. You may call the secretary to have her help in this circumstance.

1st Communications - Memos to Parents

Will be published on Friday, November 19th.

In order to access the report card, as a parent you will need to log in to the Parent Portal.

If, as a parent, you have NOT created an account with the parent portal here are the instructions for doing so.

We hope to see you there online.